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Quick Tips for Baby Shopping

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Are you itching to shop for baby gear? You have to be wise about it, knowing the rising costs that come with pregnancy. Before you purchase stuff or take gifts from loving friends and family, know what you’ll actually need and how you can make the most of them.

Below are tips that come in handy for creating a smart baby shopping list:

Do some research.

The web is your best friend in terms of knowing your options of baby items from Mom's Baby Hub, including prices, brands and so on. Of course, your own family and friends might be able to help with this as well. And don’t forget to make comparisons just before you pay for something.

Do a safety check on used items.

Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money, but make sure they’re safe too. You can search brands and products on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to know if they’re up to today’s safety standards.

Don’t overstock on newborn-size clothes.

Babies usually grow into the 6-month size before actually turning 6 months. And while you can always roll up too-large clothes, you don’t want your baby to fuss over too-tight outfits either. Look for Mom's Baby Hub to know more!

Go for outfits that are easy to put on and remove.

One-piece outfits that snap or zip up are the clear winners in this category. You’ll loathe lining up those tiny snaps when you haven’t slept overnight, or when you’re in a hurry or just feeling crabby yourself.

Have two diaper stations.

With just one extra caddy with supplies on one corner of your living space, and another changing pad you can insert at the back of the couch. There’s no need to keep going back to the nursery every nappy change. Find interesting facts about baby gears, go to

Buy one stroller first.

For those first outings with baby, a lightweight universal stroller frame will be your cheapest and most convenient choice, at least until after a few more months. Meanwhile, you can go check out other strollers in your free time.

Yes, a baby carrier would be good to have.

Even if you’re not one for walking, you’ll find a baby stroller worth the cost. Many moms (and dads) like the front carriers to keep their hands free.

Have an extra bouncy seat.

Finally, if your house has a second floor, you’ll want a second bouncy seat so you don’t have to carry the baby around with that added strain. Your back will thank you for it.